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Conflict Management

Strong leader’s in today’s fast-paced business world realize employees who are adept at managing conflict are crucial to success.

Managing Interpersonal Conflict

To stay competitive, high performance organizations realize they must effectively manage the interpersonal conflict that occurs among their employees. High Performance organizations are dedicated to developing employee skills needed to meet the challenges of the ever changing marketplace.

It is a strategic advantage to the organization for their employees to learn interpersonal conflict management skills.

Employees will develop a proactive approach during the course of this module by:
  • Understanding the elements of conflict
  • Recognizing conflict management styles
  • Tips for handling conflict
  • Enhancing your interpersonal conflict management skills
Managing Organizational Conflict

To increase high performance, managers must lay the foundation for dealing with, and working through conflict. Managers need to have the essential knowledge about causes of conflict, types of difficult people, and strategies for preventing and managing conflict with them.

This module will motivate managers to set goals and define actions for developing and enhancing their current conflict management abilities. It will set the groundwork for participants to acknowledge the impact that conflict can have on their job performance and the positive effect that learning to manage organizational conflict can have on an organizations bottom line.

During the stages of this module, managers will develop the ability to:
  • Identify causes of organizational conflict
  • Identify difficult people
  • Take ownership of conflict management
  • Enhance your conflict management skills

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