Employee Assessments Partner

The Caliper profile is not just another personality test – it is a recruitment and development tool for companies serious about achieving top performance.

For over five decades, Caliper (www.calipercorp.com) has been helping large and small companies hire the right people, develop individuals and build high performance teams by predicting job performance. The foundation of our work is the Caliper Profile, an accurate and job-matched personality assessment instrument that measures whether an individual has the natural strengths, motivations and overall potential to succeed in a particular job role.

Leadership Development & Training Content Partner

360 HPLFounded in 1998, 360Solutions (www.360solutions.com) has been recognized as one of the strongest providers of high quality employee training on the market today.

The purpose of the High Performance Leadership (www.360hpl.com) programs is to help companies develop leaders who are able to master the challenges of today’s complex and changing world. Successful leadership is a true advantage in today’s global marketplace. Leaders have certain traits, such as a compelling vision, emotional intelligence, the ability to listen and inspire, and confidence in themselves and their ability to take risks. Yet, becoming a leader who is effective can seem daunting. There must be a strategic plan in place that sets the vision and provides the steps necessary to succeed.

The HPL program offers the highest level of training for existing and emerging leaders through the use of proven best practices in leadership. Through the program, organisations are able to enlist expert guidance and training from a select group of faculty members who are preeminent leaders in their fields, offering the opportunity for developing leaders to realize their potential through an accessible and demonstrably effective process.

Business Consulting & Advisory Partners

TelxessIncorporated in 2006, Telxess (www.telxess.in) offers consulting and advisory services to clients & partners from India, US and UK. We bring to you a sophisticated and intimate understanding of the Indian Telecom and Internet space especially from the Policy and Regulatory perspective.

This valuable perspective emanates from our having a direct involvement of over 15 years in Policy making and Regulatory interventions which lead to formation and creation of several regulatory frameworks and agencies.

TMTC (www.tmtc.co) is a boutique consulting company based out of Delhi NCR in India. We advise, consult and then implement solutions for our clients in India and overseas.

We are the catalysts for growth for your organisation. Growth is not just about increasing sales. For a successful and sustainable growth to happen it needs Sales, Delivery, HR, Process driven execution etc. to go hand in hand. Our experience and expertise of building and running mid-sized organisations comes in useful to our client.