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Principles of High Performance

Principles of High Performance – How to achieve outstanding results in your business

It is becoming more and more difficult for organizations to survive in today’s world: 40% of all new businesses fail by the end of the first year; only 12% survive five years; and 2 to 3% survive 10 years.

Unfortunately, most of the responses to the challenges companies face today are ineffective. They attack symptoms while leaving intact the root causes of organizational ineffectiveness.

Now, by attending this program, you can learn principles and methodologies that will enable you to achieve outstanding and sustainable results within your organization.

A Few Principles of High Performance:

  • The strategy and direction of the organization are clear and guide day-to-day actions and decision-making.
  • Members of the organization understand the business and are committed to getting results.
  • People govern themselves by shared values and guiding principles rather than rigid policies.
  • People are organized, when possible, into self-managing teams.
  • Processes are streamlined and systems aligned to support the strategy and philosophy of the business.
  • The role of management changes from controlling workers to creating an environment in which people can be most effective.

What You Will Gain

As a business owner or manager, you face two challenges:

1. meeting your short-term business and financial goals.
2. building an organization that will sustain you for the long-run.

The purpose of this program is to accomplish objective #1. You and other members of your organization will attend four modules, each one tailored to your schedule and needs.

That will teach you how to design your organization to:
  • Take control of your future.
  • Achieve outstanding results.
  • Gain total commitment from your employees.
  • Exceed your customers’ expectations.

Components of the program

1. Traditional vs. High Performance Paradigms
  • Learn the concept of paradigms.
  • Understand practices and principles of the traditional paradigm.
  • Know what is it like to work in a traditional work environment.
  • Learn practices and principles of the High Performance paradigm.
  • Learn what is it like to work in a High Performance work environment.
  • Understand why the High Performance model works.
  • Learn the challenges of moving your organization toward High Performance.
2. Characteristic of High Performance
  • Learn the origin of High Performance work systems concepts.
  • Learn the characteristics of traditional and High Performance organizations.
  • Understand the leadership role shift required for High Performance.
  • Recognize the characteristics of High Performance teams.
  • Learn the importance of stability before moving to High Performance.
3. Building Trust
  • Have fun.
  • Experience the consequences of win-lose and win-win strategies.
  • Learn how to achieve win-win relationships.
  • Understand what is meant by trust.
  • Identify the biggest organizational trust issues.
  • Set personal goals for improving trust.
4. High Performance Tools and Plans
  • Examine the High Performance Development Model.
  • Learn the Transformation Model.
  • Identify the Transition Planning Model.
  • Recognize forces driving and restraining change in your current organization.
  • Create top priorities for moving to High Performance.

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