Why use Hiring Assessments?

Businesses that use talent assessment tools are 36% more likely to be satisfied with their new hire.
–  Aberdeen Group Study (May 2015)

Validated Psychometric hiring assessments –Hiring Assessments

  • Allow the recruiter to understand a candidates strengths, weaknesses and motivations
  • Reduce costly hiring mistakes
  • Choose between similarly qualified candidates
  • Ensure the employee behavioral competencies match the competencies of the role
  • Make sure that the employee fits into the company culture
  • Provide a tool to help recruiters take the guess work out of the hiring process
  • Help to increase the likelihood of hiring an employee who will deliver high performance, consistently!
The Right Person enables an Organisations Success!
Seven out of ten (71%) of the Best-in-Class (top 20%) companies now use talent assessment tools.
These companies now enjoy 15% year-on-year improvement in hiring managers’ satisfaction.
– Aberdeen Group Study (May 2015)

The success of an organisation is highly dependent on Hiring the ‘right’ people. The ‘right’ employee may be a highly-skilled, multi-talented and a great communicator who manages time efficiently. But even the right employee won’t be effective if they are in the wrong role. People always do their best when they enjoy what they do; in other words, when they are engaged. Even the most competent, intelligent candidate will not do well in the role if they aren’t motivated or don’t want to do it.

You need to know exactly what you expect from the person you are going to put into a role, before you sit down to interview. You might be better off hiring someone who may not have all the required skills but is passionate about learning and succeeding in the field. This is where the identification of potential comes in.

This article from the Harvard Business Review gives a good framework on “How to Use Psychometric Tools for Hiring”.

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