Here’s what others are saying:

Sandeep has been extremely helpful in setting a direction to our vision. His valuable experience in the industry in terms of business potential as well as the financials associated with it gave us a great insight. He was very patient and was a deeply involved in understanding our business practice. His advice certainly
helped us in improving a lot many issues at our end.

Sharad Hulji
Founder Director, Capricot Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai

We were working on a relatively difficult recruitment search and Sandeep at the outset was able to understand our needs exceptionally well. He has a strong business background and grasped our needs very quickly and was able to translate them well into the recruitment search he was doing for us. He was very professional in the manner he conducted himself & was always respectful of our schedules, & showed us candidates only after he had thoroughly interviewed them. In the end, the candidates he presented were all acceptable for the position we were trying to fill. I will highly recommend him & most definitely go to Sandeep for the next position we are trying to fill.

Sudeshna Datta
EVP – Corporate Development, AbsolutData Research & Analytics, Gurgaon

Working with Sandeep was a great experience. He was extremely professional & his clarity of thought was very good. His market understanding & perspectives stood out.

Sudha Kumar
CEO, Prayag Consulting, Bangalore

I have known Sandeep for the past two year while he worked as country business head in UGS India. I have been consistently impressed by Sandeep’s attitude towards his work. His interpersonal & communication skills have allowed him to develop productive working relationships with both clients & employees. Sandeep has wonderful listening & interviewing skills necessary to extract information from all the stakeholders to develop new business or exploit further the existing one. He possesses wonderful writing skills which have enabled him to compose quality business proposals. I still recall a few of his proposals submitted to different clients which were not just complete but also looked very deep into the future. He also has the analytical skills to diagnose problems & devise viable solutions.

Abhay Chaturvedi
CEO & Partner, Antz Management Consulting, Gurgaon

Sandeep recommended my name to Ansys where I was recruited. He gets to the table a unique combination of several years of industry experience coupled with a deep understanding of the kind of talent the industry is always in a look out for. When I received his call for the Ansys opportunity, I found that he had had a look at my profile in great detail and also explained to me why I was a good fit to the profile. I would highly recommend Sandeep to any organization searching for talent or to professionals looking for career move because if Sandeep feels you are the right guy for the job, you most likely are!

Sagar Prasad
Senior Sales Management Professional

I met Sandeep during an Executive Development program where we were in the same sub-group. It was a privilege to work with him for those two days. He is a natural “Leader”. On business side, he is very knowledgeable, techno savvy, influential and trustworthy. He has great presentation and inter-personal skills. As a person he is warm, friendly and very helpful. In two days we managed to be good friends and even today continue to do so.

Sandeep can add lot of value to organizations wanting to revamp and grow their business. I wish him all the very best!!

Manoj Pandit
Leadership for Utilities, Autodesk, Australia-New Zealand

Sandeep is a result oriented person with a proven track record of meeting objectives and quotas. He has expertise in building businesses, companies, organizations and teams. He is an excellent presenter and public speaker. He can build and see the larger picture and also be hands-on when required. He has the ability to understand and grasp complex technical subjects in a short period of time. I found him very good at creating and implementing business and operational plans for geographical, product and channel business.

Anand Sirohi
Sales Leader, Autodesk India

Sandeep is an outstanding manager and organizer. He was in charge of my speaking visits to India, and did an excellent job of getting all the right people and resources together in a complex series of events. It was a pleasure to work with him!

Joel Orr

Sandeep is a focused professional with in-depth knowledge and understanding of the industry. He has an excellent business networking and client engagement skills; an articulate professional with high level of energy. And his focus on customer responsiveness is truly commendable. He provided me with invaluable guidance that helped my research for a great career opening. A great person to work with…well connected, and a shrewd recruiter!!! Highly responsive and I wish him all the best.

Srinibas Patnaik
Senior Director – Business Development, SAARC Region, DigitalGlobe Inc.

Sandy’s positive energy, passion for technology and cheerfulness are unbeatable. Associating with Sandy was always a pleasure and he always stood firm under all situations. He would always put his step forward to help to make things happen. He possesses great leadership qualities to build a long term relationship with customers and co-workers. Wish him all the luck, always!

Rohit Bhanot
Senior Director, Defence & Intelligence, SAARC Region, DigitalGlobe Inc.

Sandeep had total responsible for Plant, Civil, Building and Geospatial revenue right across the subcontinent for Bentley Systems. This included management of staff in multple offices as well as growing partner and customer relationships. Sandeep was diligent, well respected by his staff and successfully grew the business for the company. He was sorely missed when he moved on to greater challenges.

Andrew Bashfield
Sales Director, Asia & Australia at Intermap Technologies

Sandeep is team player with clear vision (alligned with Company Vision) and sets realistic short term and long term goals to achieve the same. Believes is delegating work, providing responsibilities , sharing information, getting involved and makes sure to have a proper followup plan and providing feedback. Managed the Organization effectively by achieving his target/quota numbers with clear focus on Operating Income thus ensuring growth for the Company, Himself and His team.

Atanu Pattanayak
Managing Director, Bentley Systems India and VP & Territory Exec-South Asia, Bentley Systems Inc.

Sandeep is a highyl talented, detail oriented and diligent professional who is asset to any organization. His ability to think and strategize has enabled both the company and his team to achieve new heights. Once Sandeep sets his mind to achieve something, you can consider it done.

Amit Gupta
Senior VP & Global Head-Travel, Transportation & Logistics Vertical at HCL Technologies

Sandeep is a seasoned sales / business development executive and was successful in growing the CAD/CAM business by establishing relationships with several Tier I Manufacturing and Automotive Companies in India.

Sandeep has a way with technology and developed a deep understanding of the 3D markets in India. Sandeep is a good people manager and is meticulous in his execution and throws high levels of energy in to every task he undertakes.

I wish Sandeep the very best in his personal and professional life.

Ashok Desai
Managing Director, SAARC, SGI