Why Assessments?

When used effectively, talent assessments can have a major impact on key performance indicators (KPIs),  such as cost-to-hire and time-per-hire, hiring managers’ satisfaction, employee retention, performance, and engagement.”
– Aberdeen Group Study (May 2015)

Assessments help you when you are dealing with the following issues-

  • Poor quality of hires
  • High employee turnover
  • Poor and/or inconsistent performance
  • Frustrated employees
  • High hiring costs
  • Dysfunctional Teams
  • Employee learning & development
  • Leadership coaching & development

Our assessment partner is the Caliper Corporation, the world’s leading employee assessment company. Powered by the Caliper Profile, the Caliper Competency Report Suite leverages nearly 60 years of science to help you select, coach, and develop your talent.

The Profile results are available in a variety of reporting options and can be used to support hiring, employee development, team improvement, talent alignment, and succession planning. With the right people in the right roles, you’ll increase productivity, employee engagement, and profitability.

Why the Caliper Competency Report Suite?
  • Multiple reports, powered by a single, robust assessment
  • 56 Universal Competencies representing 280 Behaviors
  • 52 Validated Job Models to minimize unconscious bias and add consistency to your hiring process
  • Confidently and consistently predict performance of future employees
  • Provide coaching and development to current employees and their managers



PeopleFusion will administer your profiles on a fee per assessment basis. Once the person completes the questionnaire and submits by a single click, the results are generated and accessible to you in the form of a report or on private online portal.

Contact us today to understand how best the Caliper assessments can help you transform your people & organisation.