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Business Coaching – Enhancing the Value of Your Business™

Business Coaching You need our Business Coaching service if you’re someone leading a start-up organisation, or a small & medium sized business, or maybe a business division of a large company, you may often find yourself severely challenged in terms of management bandwidth & functional expertise to help you meet your business objectives.

If the answers to ‘future’ questions are not significantly different than the ‘today’ answers, there is little chance that a company will remain a market leader.
– Gary Hameland and C.K. Prahalad

You realise you need some external help to meet your objectives or resolve your business issues. So where do you go? To a big firm, of course. You would be lucky if they are even interested in your “small” issues! Maybe they will send you their brightest “fresher” straight out of management school. They will do some fancy pivot tables in Excel & help you make a great “full-of-jargon-presentation”!

Unfortunately, the world is full of “big” business consultants. They mostly focus on companies that are too big to do anything meaningful with their recommendations. Or, they send their least experienced people to work with smaller companies that could actually use their ideas.

What does your business really need?
  • Some well-grounded innovative ideas.
  • Someone with experience to bounce your own ideas off.
  • A mentor who will critique your thinking without having to agree with you or feel threatened by your ideas.
  • A person who has actually put ideas to work in hugely successful start-ups & small companies (which are now much bigger! – see Testimonials)
So you can either wait to get bigger & then attract the big daddy’s of consulting, & then pray that their ideas can be implemented in your now BIG organisation or you can give PeopleFusion a call & start “Enhancing the Value of your Business™” today through our Business Coaching.

For those of you looking for specific areas where our business coaching can help –
  • Mentoring CEOs, Division Heads & Heads of Family Run Businesses.
    Strategy Formulation for Corporate, Management, Human Resources or Sales & Marketing.
  • Business Plan Preparation & Validation.
  • Corporate Structuring for Business & Entrepreneurial Imperatives.
  • Formulation of Financial Policy & Internal Controls.

If you are looking for a structured approach to creating the Mission, Vision and Strategy for your organisation and creating increased employee engagement then look no further than our structured business coaching programs –

Our Business Coaching can help solve your real problems – Contact Us today!

Why PeopleFusion?

At PeopleFusion we believe in “Bringing Organisations and People Closer”.  Our clients,  people and strategic partnerships define who we are. They are shaped by a deep understanding of your needs and a collaborative working style. We help companies grow their business & develop their employees. We coach individuals to be successful in leadership roles and enable them to make appropriate career choices. This allows both company & individual to grow to their fullest potential.

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