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Executive Search

The Single Biggest challenge facing an organisation today is the ability to find the right people to drive its growth & other business objectives while preserving the core values of the organisation. Our Executive Search service help you overcome this challenge.

There are risks and costs to a program of action. But they are far less than the long-range risks and costs of comfortable inaction.
– John F. Kennedy

Whether you are in the start-up phase or an evolved organisation People are always on your mind! Questions & Issues confront you –

  • What exact skills do I need? Who do I hire? Where do I find them? How do I even get them interested? Can I afford them?
  • You need a senior person. You’re not 100% sure of the role & fitment. You’re not even sure how much this person is going to cost. Where do you start?
You call a “manpower firm”, who often mistakenly refer to themselves as a executive search firm!
So what happens next?
  • Nobody bothers to understand your requirement or business in detail.
  • Nobody wants to understand the nuances of the person or the role you have in mind.
  • You are asked for a job description & candidate profile. Unfortunately you haven’t had the time to work this detail out yet.
More often than not you end up in either of these situations-
    • No person to recruit or hire OR
    • Hundreds of resumes which either seem to be irrelevant or require you to personally sift through to get anything meaningful out of..

..So why did you go to this executive search firm in the first place.. ?!

What do you really need from your executive search partner?
  • Someone with the ability to understand your business.
  • Someone with deep contacts in your industry.
  • Someone who will help you crystallize the role, figure out the fitment in your organisation & help build a job description & candidate profile.
  • Someone who has been on both sides of the hiring table.
  • Someone who can independently assess the suitability of potential hires.
  • Someone who will be proactive throughout the recruitment process.

Our executive search service can help find you the right candidate for those difficult-to-fill-positions – Contact Us today!