Résumé Improvement Service which Enhances the Visibility of Your Resume

Resume Improvement ServiceIf you have found your way to our Résumé Improvement Service – Great! You have just begun your journey to “Winning that Great Job”. Can a good résumé get it for you? Probably no! Can a bad résumé prevent you from getting it? Probably yes!

A company gets hundreds (if not thousands) of résumés in response to an opening. The recruiter has very little time to spend on each résumé. A badly written and ill-presented résumé has little chance of making the cut. And you definitely don’t want to end up on this list!

Don’t let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.
– John Wooden

We ensure that your résumé is read and a positive perception of YOU is created, through our “Résumé Improvement Service”. Each résumé is reviewed personally by the CEO & Founder (an IIM Alumni with more than 30 years of experience of which 11 years has been as a headhunter).

Our Steps to a Great Résumé

  • Your résumé is put through the scrutiny & changes described in “Résumé Improvement Tips” and if required portions are edited or re-written or new information added in consultation with you.
  • If you have opted for a “Job Specific Résumé Improvement Service” then your résumé is tailored to highlight skills, experiences & background relevant to that job.
  • You will be asked for more information & clarifications during this process via email or phone or Video Call.
  • A draft copy is sent to you for perusal & feedback.
  • Final changes & improvements are made.
  • A final copy is delivered to you in word format.
The success of the process depends a lot on how quickly & clearly you respond to the queries which are raised.

Cost of Résumé Improvement Service is given below (all prices are in Indian Rupees & include GST). Full payment is required once a résumé is accepted for Résumé Improvement. Payment can be made via Bank Transfer or Cheque payable at New Delhi, India. All résumés & details must be emailed to us as a word document.

Years of Experience

Up to 5 years Experience

5 to 12 years Experience

12 to 20 years Experience

20 plus years Experience

Generic Résumé Improvement (per résumé)





Additional Charge for Role Specific Changes (per role)





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